Approach and Process

For Business Executives, Entrepreneurs, & Key Manager

As your Executive Coach & Mentor, I will be your independent, objective confidant that will work with you to understand your opportunities and challenges; help you set verifiable goals; challenge your thinking and provide honest feedback. 

You may be challenged by the complexities of growing a business or responsible for reviving a stalled business; charged with managing relationships among diverse stakeholders; faced with navigating a difficult political landscape; focused on achieving the next level within your organization; or in transition within your current profession or moving on to another.

The ability to tackle these challenges and opportunities, and succeed is possible and within your reach.  With my customized approach, I will help you maximize your ability to make the difficult decisions and enhance your leadership effectiveness, all designed to empower you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Specifically, my approach always begins with our developing a solid foundation built with a deep dive into understanding your business from a strategic, operational, tactical and political perspective along with exploring your personal goals and aspirations.  A deep review of the business is always performed to obtain this level of understanding and various assessments may be used to gain insights into strengths and potential blind spots always with a practical approach focused on how to use these new insights to improve performance.  To assist in this, Sharon is a certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator™ (MBTI™), the NBI™, which focuses on Thinking Style Preferences; is a certified practitioner of the HOGAN suite of leadership tools, and is trained in the use of various Emotional Intelligence instruments.

When is coaching most effective?

Coaching & Mentoring are effective for all leaders including business executives, entrepreneurs and key managers who are faced with, for example:

How Does it Work?

As an Executive Coach & Mentor, Sharon is an independent, objective confidant that works with her clients to help them understand their opportunities and challenges and set verifiable goals, while challenging their thinking and providing honest feedback all designed to achieve better decision making and more effective leadership.

The challenges facing clients may include:

The Program is custom designed to address the specific needs of each client, but always includes:

Where appropriate, the Program may also include:

Executive Coaching Benefits

Sharon’s targeted and customized program is focused on helping her clients build a foundation of skills that provide lasting, long-term benefits including: