Approach and Process

For Senior Executives, Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs

This unique approach combines effective executive leadership coaching skills with business acumen to become partners with the leader as an independent, objective confidant that works to understand each client’s unique opportunities and challenges; helps to set verifiable goals; respectfully challenges the client’s thinking, and always provides actionable and honest feedback.

Whether challenged by the complexities of growing a business or responsible for reviving a stalled business; charged with managing relationships among diverse stakeholders including boards of directors; faced with navigating a difficult political landscape; focused on achieving the next level within the organization; or in transition, this customized approach is designed to accelerate growth to achieve ultimate success.  Specifically, Sharon always begins with developing a solid foundation of understanding the client’s business from a strategic, cultural, operational, tactical, and political perspective.

To gain clarity around the client’s professional aspirations and personal goals, various assessments and culture evaluation tools may be used to gain insights into strengths and potential blind spots always with a practical approach focused on how to use these new insights to improve performance.

When is Executive and Leadership Coaching most effective?

Coaching is effective for all who are faced with, for example:

  • Times of significant change such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, product launches, organizational changes, geographic expansion, or downsizing
  • Culture challenges due to mismatched expectations and little alignment of values
  • Personnel decisions when promoting, recruiting, reassigning, or restructuring
  • Navigating complicated or tenuous political situations
  • Motivating and influencing diverse teams and colleagues in challenging economic times
  • Managing complex relationships with Boards of Directors, investors advocacy groups and regulatory organizations
  • Executing business expansion and capital management programs in rapidly changing environments
  • Managing career change decisions
How Does it Work?

The program is custom designed to address the specific needs of each client and will include elements of the following depending on the need:

  • A highly interactive, objective, one-on-one relationship with the leader and often with members of the leadership team
  • Deep dive to understand all aspects of the client's business from a strategic, operational, tactical, and political perspective
  • Exploration of personal and professional goals and aspirations
  • Monitoring progress toward goals and aspirations
  • Honest and challenging sounding board
  • Candid evaluation of client's strengths and potential blind spots
  • Team building sessions
  • Culture review and plan to nurture the desired culture needed for success
  • Complete confidentiality

Sharon's targeted and customized program is focused on helping her clients build a foundation of skills that provide lasting, long-term benefits including:

  • Developing more effective leadership skills
  • Clarifying goals and developing paths to achieve them
  • Developing new ways to manage old problems
  • Gaining a greater understanding of stakeholder needs and developing more effective management techniques
  • Creating fast-track tools for personal and professional development
  • Achieving better work/life balance
  • Generating enhanced enthusiasm for future business and career possibilities
  • Decreased stress levels when facing new challenges
  • Better time and energy management skills

Sharon works with experienced professionals committed to delivering enterprise grade solutions for institutional capital markets clients using blockchain technology.

Sharon creates a culture with a set of values that guides daily activities including hiring, client onboarding, dealing with the inevitable set-backs, and even influencing how new business ideas were prioritized and executed.  Identifying values is a good start; but the real benefit comes from translating them into principles that guide everyday behavior.

To accomplish this, the journey includes:

  • To provide a catalyst, the first step requires teams to get to know each other at a deeper level; to understand team member drivers, motivators and individual core values.
  • Identify and agree on specific behaviors which either amplified or obstructed these values.
  • Take stock of progress by doing via regular retrospectives and to face up to any mistakes.

Building culture takes effort, but without a strong culture and shared belief system amongst the team, it is much harder to reach your company's true potential. It's never too late to start the journey.

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