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Sharon Dauk has been a coach and trusted advisor to me for over six years. We have worked through many business challenges together at f’real foods, the “little milkshake company” I founded that isn’t little anymore! (see We’ve worked through many stages of business growth together, culminating in the decision to sell the company, which we worked through together as well. Sharon has always been a helpful sounding board for things I’m thinking through, with just the right amount of “nudge” to stretch my thinking when that’s needed, or “brake” to make me double back and work through more of the details of a decision I’m considering to be sure it’s well thought through. She has also worked with my management team to help improve communications and interactions within the team and between the team members and me. And she’s done it all with grace and a smile. Thanks, Sharon!

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Jim Farrell
f'real Foods, LLC

It seems like there has been a huge increase in the number of people who have the title, but there are few who can truly see both sides of the coin: how businesses actually operate and how people should operate within businesses to succeed. Sharon's coaching practice is informed by an impressive Wall Street career; experience starting, running, selling and advising small businesses; and a comprehensive understanding of a difficult economy. As a business coach Sharon stretches your thinking, encourages you to play to your strengths, helps you identify opportunities, cheers you on--and, in the nicest way possible--does not let you off the hook until you've fully explored and tested your ideas.

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Kathryn Sollmann
Founder and CEO
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